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Growth to Achieve Our Ambitions


  • We must increase the size of the university to realize more fully our ambition as an institution of national and international distinction that attracts the very best students and researchers from around the globe. Growth will enable us to develop a more dynamic and diverse campus environment, increase our faculty in strategic areas, improve our services, enhance the employment opportunities for our students, more effectively use our infrastructure, and build a more vibrant national and international alumni base.  

Growth in undergraduate enrollment must be carefully planned and occur in ways that preserve the distinctive features of our culture and campus, provide an undergraduate educational experience characterized by meaningful direct interactions with faculty and residential life in the colleges, and maintain and enhance the extraordinary quality and diversity of our student body. Our undergraduate student body should become more national and international, reflecting our status as a premier research university. In light of these considerations, Rice's undergraduate enrollment will be increased to approximately 3,800 students within the next decade.

The Board of Trustees has unanimously approved an increase in undergraduate enrollment by approximately 30 percent over the next decade. We now must move forward in the planning and implementation of this expansion, including an immediate focus on additional housing. This will involve building two residential colleges, possible expansion of existing colleges, and the exploration of a Rice-affiliated off-campus facility to house both undergraduate and graduate students. We will also begin taking steps to assure our applicant pool grows to preserve our selectivity as we expand the student body.

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